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What Are Recommended Auto Insurance Coverages?

Getting the right car insurance isn't a game.Cars image by Ellanorah from Fotolia.comAuto insurance provides financial protection in the event of an accident, theft, or damage caused by vandalism, weather and fire. Each state has specific requirements regarding insurance-coverage limits...

Breakdown Cover - A Must for Every Car Owner

The situation most dreaded by car owners is one when they would be stranded on a deserted place because of the breaking down of their car. Such a situation can become really bad if one does not know how to repair the car. Even a minor snag can prove to be quite a handful.

Why You Need Teenage Car Insurance

Teenagers often turn out to be some notorious drivers. As a result, they tend to get involved in accidents. Therefore, you really need to protect your teenage child if he or she is starting to want to drive a car on his or her own. This is when the teenage car insurance policy comes in handy.

Getting Cheap Temporary Car Insurance

If you want to have cheap temporary car insurance you do not have to walk into the insurer's office or talk to the phone. All you need these days is an internet connection and look into the computer. All you need is a car, its owner and address information, your driver's license and basic

Florida No Fault Insurance Law

No-fault insurance laws do not imply that no one is ever at fault. The laws establish rules for drivers and passengers involved in an accident and mandate that they cannot sue for a large sum of money unjustly. It is important to understand each state's policies regarding no-fault insurance laws. Fl

Activity-Based Costing Method in Accounting

Activity-based costing method in accounting relates to overhead cost allocation among a company's various products. Traditionally, companies assign their total overhead costs to different products based on each one's production volume. Activity-based costing method, however, identifies specific over

More About Those Tickets

There are many who complain about all the irrelevant factors insurers take into account when setting premium rates. It's unfair for them to look at where we live. And just what do out credit scores ...

Commercially Speaking About Van Insurance

There are many reasons to drive a van, the most common of which is the commercial reason. A van is actually one of the better methods of both advertisement and transportation in a business as you will be able to paint your company logo and phone number on the side of the vehicle.