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Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, So Keep an Open Mind

If your mind is closed to accepting new ideas, then reading no further. If you lack an open mind that is prepared to accept a different way of doing things, then buy a novel instead. I am sorry to be so blunt; but if that is the way you think, then I doubt I will be of any help.

Your Renaissance Accessories

Whether you're dressing for a medieval wedding or completing your Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) garb, medieval swords and daggers add just the right finishing touches to an outfit. Y

How to Use the Power of the Spirit Happy

The Spirit Happy is an incredible tool that can change your life. In a world that is in constant change and uncertain people are looking to ways that can help them cope. Many homes are in foreclosure and the economic picture is getting worst. The economy is actually the worst it has been in reason y

Mindfulness Drawing

I teach mindfulness to kids and the one activity guaranteed to effectively bring them to a mindful state is drawing. Adults too can benefit from this highly effective form of mindfulness. It is much like guided visualization. Think of your scene, your happy place, and draw it!

How to Deal With a Bad Day at Work

Let's face it, we've all had days that are frustrating, annoying, or downright miserable. And when you have to go in to work on days like these, and meet with clients or give a presentation, you may wonder how you're going to get through it. But just because you're having a bad m

Overcome the Symptoms of IBS With Hypnosis

The quality of life diminishes for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Studies show that this health issue effects over 20% of the United States population with women being the most affected. Those who suffer, experience multiple symptoms, and have turned to techniques such as hypnosis f

Too Scared Too Succeed

Consider in your own life, how many opportunities you may have let pass you by simply because of fear.Maybe you rationalize your way out of some of your greatest blessings because what if you were actually successful at trying to accomplish something new or different?

Mother Of The Bride Speeches Samples

One of the most emotional speeches to be heard at wedding ceremonies often comes from parents. And the one that often gets the most attention is that of the mother of the bride. If you are looking for

Catching Life' s Thermals On The Feathers Of Intention

The Power of LoveAll of us - young or old, poor or rich, salt of the earth or intellectual, battling grave illness or enjoying phenomenal health - all of us want the same things in our lives. We must take care of our survival needs by providing shelter from the elements, food and sustenance for our

Being Productive Means You Are Focused

No matter what kind of office environment you are working in, there will always be toxic personalities that are there to make your day harder. Whether it is somebody higher up in the line of power or at the same level, they have the ability of tremendously decreasing your daily productivity. It howe

Cash in on the Trends - An Amazing Solution to a Problem

An unusual way of doing things Sometimes people want to be clustered together, where they feel the "sense of belonging".In my case, I can describe to you that I am not so normal as I have no fixed class in the institution I am studying in. Simply the result of having changes in the study p