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Suspension Terminology Revealed

If you hit a serious bump you might need to get an alignment. Alignments are not expensive usually, and include adjustments of suspension like camber, caster, toe in, toe out, thrust, and 4-wheel alignment. Let us show you definitions of what all of these things mean to you and the health of your ca

How to Use Synthetic Oil in an Older Car

Many of today's modern synthetic oil blends outperform mineral-based oils. Most older vehicles from before the 1990s used mineral oils, and some continue to use them today. Mineral-based oils contain extra particles, which can cause excessive buildup throughout the engine. Synthetic oils are cleaner

How to Relocate the Oil Filter

Relocating the oil filter on your vehicle can offer a cleaner engine compartment, an easier to reach location for the filter and the ability to add a second filter or a larger filter to your vehicle. Kits are available for most vehicles to allow you to perform this modification with little to no fa

How to Test an Electronic EGR Valve

Electronic EGR systems are used in vehicles to direct the exhaust gases into the intake manifold, where the exhaust is then cooled before entering the combustion chamber. This process works to cool the combustion chamber which, in turn, reduces emissions. When a component within your vehicle begins

Tips for Buying the Right Racing Seat

If you are looking at going motor racing this year, one of the things you'll need to look at in buying a racing seat. There are a huge range of companies which provide such items - with some seats designed primarily for racing use, some for road use, and others for both. The price of your race

Importance of Oil Changes

Oil changes are an important part of a regular vehicle maintenance program. Engine oil is responsible for carrying out a number of important engine-related duties, and regular oil changes ensure that a vehicle has a constant supply of clean, fresh oil.

How to Pop Dents Out of Car Doors

Almost everyone has a small dent or two on their car. The dents are unappealing--and one of the first things everyone notices when you are trying to sell your or trade your car. A few small dents can cause you to lose thousands of dollars on the value of your car. But with a few items and some time,

How to Install a Honda F22 Thermostat

The F22 is the designation Honda assigned to an engine series that was placed into four different Honda vehicles: the Accord, the Odyssey, the Acura and the Prelude. While the vehicles themselves may be different, the location and method of installing a new thermostat in these vehicles will follow t

How to Find Auto Lifts

Using the right auto lift is important to work safely and to save time. In contrast, the wrong lift consumes unnecessary time and is dangerous. Most people don’t realize that there are many types of auto lifts; with each type helping to perform specific tasks. The following pointers can help

1988 Suzuki RM 125 Specs

The RM series of motorcycles was first introduced by Suzuki in 1975. The company offered these dirt bikes in various engine sizes ranging from a smaller 50 cc engine up to a 400 cc engine. Over the years Suzuki worked to improve the performance and reduce the weight of the cycle. The RM...

How to Prevent Rust From Spreading

Rust occurs when oxygen comes in contact with metal in the presence of water. This results in oxidation, or rust. Rust weakens metal and makes it look unattractive. Rust is often inevitable, especially on older pieces of metal. Light rust can be removed and stopped at home, without any professional

How To Prepare a Car Gas Tank for Storage

Any time you're going to store a car away for a season, or longer, there is a checklist of things you must do first. One of the most important of those tasks is to prepare the gas tank of the car. If you park the car with the gas tank as it is, you risk the inside of the tank rusting. The gas will t