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Duties of a Biblical Deacon

Deacons are allowed to teach, prepare sermons and read scriptures.bible image by charles taylor from Fotolia.comThe term "deacon" means "servant." The person with the title of deacon is primarily there to support church-related functions. Some denominations allow only men to be deacons....

Don's Deliverance (Page 2)

On page 2 of this testimony of a life transformed by faith in God, you'll continue to read the true story of Don's deliverance from lost to found.

Pope Benedict XVI Visits New York City Synagogue

NEW YORK - APRIL 18: Pope Benedict XVI (L) presents Rabbi Arthur Schneier (R) with a gift of a medieval Jewish text from the Vatican library during a service at the Park East Synagogue on April 18, 2008, in New York City. The pontiff will be meeting with religious and political leaders during his vi

Psalm 84-Tehillim 84

humanitarianism - Regard for the interests of mankind Psalm 84 Verse 1 - How amiable are thy tabernacles, O LORD of hosts! amiable - friendly, Admirable, kindheartness, sweetness of, temper (agreeable) Verse 2 - My ...

Why People Depend Horoscopes For Important Decisions

You have probably seen daily horoscopes in the newspaper or online.But what exactly is a horoscope and what is it for?Basically, a horoscope is a reading of the planets in order to foresee into your f

Countries That Practice Voodoo

Voodoo is a spiritual and religious practice commonly found in the nations of Africa, South America and Haiti. The religion is a cross between a couple of different Africa religions and is known for its extensive use of ceremonies and sacrifices to mark change and growth, both individually and globa

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Are you interested in finding out what the Catholic church actually believes in?Do you have many questions and many thing that are on your mind when it comes to what Catholics believe? The Catechism Of The Catholic Church is the set of beliefs for the church and you can use it as a guide to help you

What Is Up With Al Qaeda?

Regardless of the consequences, we know where Al Qaeda's leaders are hiding, and despite Pakistan's earlier help, we need to send troops into the Northwestern Provinces of that country if we want the War on Terror to End, and we need to do it now.

Success According to the World - Success According to God

With one foot in the Bible and one foot in the world, I struggled with my plan for my life verses God's plan for my life. I was being pulled in two different directions, and didn't want to let go of either one.

Traditional Pentecostal Lifestyles

Pentecostalism is an experimental version of Christianity, emphasizing the physical interaction between God and the believer, according to BBC Religions. In March 2006, there were over 20 million Pentecostals within the United States and 250 million across the world. Pentecostalism is identified by

My Friend Is Shattered By Widowhood

When a friend becomes widowed our first instinct is often to utter some platitudes and then to walk away. Being the friend of a widowed person can be a part of our own spiritual journey if we so wish.

Is Little League Killing the Church?

I was clicking around my LinkedIn account, minding my own business, when I ran into church consultant Barbara Stechert. She had started a juicy discussion by writing that organized children's sports is either the new religion or is killing the old church. People were very emotional in their res

Coffin And Mummy-case Of Nespernnub

Nespernnub was a priest in the temple of Khonsu at Karnak in about 800BC. He held a variety of title, in particular “libation-pourer of Khonsu” and opener of the door of heaven in karnak. The latter doors were those of the shrine which contained the divine image. which were opened so tha

A Former Orthodox Jew's Take on a Rapper's Conversion to the Faith

The first time I read the recent article in the New York Times about the rapper Shyne's conversion to Orthodox Judaism I tried to perceive it as any ordinary non-Jew would: an interesting story about a Gangsta rapper who got in trouble and underwent a religious transformation in prison. During