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How to Make Adult Bo Peep Costumes

Little Bo Peep is a well-known character from a nursery rhyme that dresses in a pretty blue dress and herds sheep. While little girls might want to dress up as Little Bo Peep, adult women who have fond memories of the nursery rhyme can dress up as the character as well. Creating your own Little Bo P

How to Make a Swedish Maypole

Celebrate the greenery of spring and summer by making your own Swedish maypole. A Swedish maypole is different from the maypoles that originate in Western Europe, which consist of one vertical pole and are the main focus of May Day festivals. Much like the Western European maypole, people dance arou

Fun Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Christmas decorations are the perfect gift for family and friends who really want to know you care about them and take an interest in their lives. They're not just for births, weddings and anniversaries - personalized Christmas items make ideal presents for anyone, at any stage of

Office Gift Basket Ideas

Many businesses use the holidays or a special event as times to express their thanks to the staff of offices they have dealt with throughout the year. A common gift to send is a gift basket of some sort, designed to be shared by all employees during business hours. From gourmet foods to decorated co

Duck Hunting Gifts

Buy a gift for a duck hunting enthusiast that will further his enjoyment of his hobby. A present that will help him bag more birds is something he will truly appreciate.Neoprene WadersNeoprene waders are a must-have item for duck hunting. If the duck hunter in your life is using canvas or...

Here Are Some Great New Years Eve Ideas to Have a Bang

Okay, so you find yourself hosting a New Years Eve bash, but you need some ideas to help make your party a hit among your family and friends. You may not be having a thousand people attending, but you can make it a memorable party with a few tips and ideas on how to make the big night a success. Jus

Dress-Up Party Ideas for 18th Birthdays

The 18th birthday marks a milestone event in the life of a teenager, symbolizing his or her journey into adulthood. Teens are legally able to vote and often are moving from high school to college and beyond. Dress-up party ideas for the 18th birthday make the birthday memorable. Stick to a specific

How the Celebration of Valentine's Day Started in Europe

In England and North America, Valentine's Day has a long history and tradition. After the Second World War, the influence of this day to lovers expanded to Central Europe. The day of love is also a day of friendship, particularly in England and North America, where one prepares a surprise in th

Surprise Present Ideas

Sharing an unexpected gift with a loved one, co-worker or family member can inject some fun and frivolousness into the day. Factor in the gift recipient's interests and hobbies as well as your own budget when giving a surprise gift. Think about things to see, wear, do or play with that offer an elem

A Unique Experience With Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is by any means the most popular holiday in the world, religious or secular. It has taken on many different styles over the years in various parts of the world, and in the United States, people like to decorate for the occasion.

How to Do a Baha'is Fast

Baha'i followers recognize a 19-day fast every year during the vernal equinox. Fast from March 2 to 20, inclusive, according to the website, Baha'i Topics:. (See References 1) Treat the Baha'i fast as spiritual purification and time for prayer and meditation. Use the fast as a spiritual opportunity

Best Gifts To Give this Holiday Season!

The Gift giving season is upon us and this article will provide short, quick tips for anyone on your list from the picky teenager to the serious wine buff!

Do-It-Yourself Baby Shower Decorations

Whether you enjoy making craft items or you are running low on budgeted cash for the baby shower you are planning, you will need to come up with some cute ideas for shower decorations. These do not have to cost much to make, and may even serve another purpose -- such as a centerpiece that holds home

Find Apartments For Rent In New York City

There are many flats for rent in New York City as New York City entertains roughly thirty five million tourists every single year. They come from all over the world, on organization business trip or leisure, and they travel in groups or solo, families or individuals.

Present Ideas for 19th Birthdays

Presents for 19-year-olds should center on their lifestyles and hobbies.happy birthday image by Michael Kempf from Fotolia.comFor present ideas on a 19-year-old's birthday, keep in mind that although the person continues the journey down the road to total freedom and independence, most...

How to Send Gift Boxes to US Troops Overseas

Military personnel serving abroad miss the comforts of home and often request simple things from family and friends, such as their favorite brand of chips or some new socks. If you want to send a gift box overseas but don't know anyone who is deployed, ask your friends or co-workers whether they kno

How to Make Fake Spider Webs With Cotton Batting

When you're decorating your home for Halloween, you can use cotton batting to make spooky fake spider webs. Making your own spider web decor will be less expensive than buying the webs premade from a party supply store. Use the handmade webs to give your home a festive holiday flair throughout the m

Christmas School Projects

Kids have fun doing holiday craft projects.candy canes image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.comKids like to do artful projects that they can take home and keep, or give to mom, dad, or proud grandparents. Christmastime is an excellent time for holiday themed school projects. Many projects...

Where Did the Idea of Gifts Under the Tree Come From

Stop for a second and think about Christmas. What is the first thing that comes to mind?Maybe you thought of Santa, maybe you thought of turkey, or maybe you even thought of a Christmas tree.