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I Have a Hunch, Many Christians Have Gone Out For Lunch!

Being a Christian is not a Sunday picnic. God gives us one day out of seven to feast on the love, joy and peace of sins forgiven and cleansed, and the good things of God. We call it the Sabbath Day. Many Christians want to have a Sunday picnic every day. This is not God's plan for us. He gives

Respect - Give Yourself Some

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find out what it means to me. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Take care, TCB. This is a just a few words from the song made famous by Aretha Franklin. In order for her to have written this song, she must have had it up to her eyeballs with the lack of respect. We all love the song because of it catchy

Create a Challenge and Create Your Future

Think of the times in your life when you have grown the most, excelled at new levels and felt the most satisfaction with your life and results. Chances are, in all of those situations, a common element was a challenge that you faced and surmounted successfully. Whether it was the challenge thrown do

Creating Opportunity Luck and Wealth Through Career-Related, Self-Improvement

In my five-year study of the daily success habits of wealthy individuals one important discovery I made was that wealthy individuals are fanatics when it comes to daily career-related, self-improvement. I uncovered four ways in which wealthy individuals engage in such self-improvement: Reading, Writ

Trusting Your GPS

My son plays basketball on a travel ball team here in Southern CA. His team travels all over playing against some of the best teams in the region.

A Guide To Positive Self-talk

Ever experience a day that seems to begin with a black cloud hanging over your head? Even before you open your eyes, you begin to dread the day ahead. This article, written by Janice Branch, will give you some insight on how to turn your day around and your frown upside down.

How to Identify a Pathological Liar

Beware of Liars! Don't let yourself drifted into their lies. Don't worry. There are top tips to help you detecting a pathological liar. So, you don't need to be afraid with a liar like that.

Organize Your Life Now

I bet you have never heard anyone tell you that you should organize your life. Well, it's true; having a more organized life will actually give you more enjoyment out of your life.

Overcoming Fear Of Needles Hypnosis

The power and weaknesses of the human mind are amazing. It is amazing the fear people have of something as simple as a needle but yet their fear of a needle is quite real. Hypnosis can solve this fear

A Busy Person's Guide to Managing Their To-Do List and Tasks

I am often in awe of how many tasks my clients process on any given day. It is so important that busy people have (and use) a good task management system. Without one, things will start to fall through the cracks. Here are a few quick tips that will help the busiest of the busy.

A Plan to Increase Your Confidence in Any Area of Your Life or Work

The plan detailed in this article will help you to improve your confidence in a any number of areas in your life. I list here some areas of your life this plan will help you with, this is list is in no way exhaustive: dating, public speaking, work life or making new friends.

Wearing Of The Green - An Expression Of The Heart

A little "Luck of the Irish" echoes in springtime melodies of life and love, renewal and hope--reminding us that this green celebration, with it's rich ancient history and symbology, carries a lovely energy that nurtures the tomorrow seeds in the now of today. Wearing love and life on

The Leaders in Our Lives

Have you got natural leadership skills? Do people seem to follow you without you necessarily trying to make it happen? You may be comfortable with this, but to you the responsibility is greater. Has someone promised you great things if you came with them, only to leave you disappointed? Do you desir

Recognize the Power Within You for Building Your Dream Life

If you believe that life always gives you the short end of the stick, remember there is something wrong with the way you operate rather than the scheme of things. Your life is what you make of it. Instead of waiting for a miracle to happen, proactive people look for the power within which has the ca

Training Your Mind for Online Success

It would be silly for athletes to expect that they could just wake up the day of their event and compete with no training. The same concept applies to the mental game of success. If ...