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Awkward, Is It? The New Panel Bed

Have you tried sleeping in a huge bed it dwarfed you? Or have you tried to sleep in a bed a size like a couch that you dwarfed it?

Install A Bidet And Help Save The Planet

There is no doubt that as a race we humans have to do more to save the planets by being more resourceful, more efficient and more considerate when it comes to waste and waste management. In the home one of the main areas of waste is that of water from the bathroom but in many cases it is not just th

Beautiful Black Bathrooms

Black is back for the bathroom! How can you go over to the dark side with confidence?

Tab Top Curtains For the Bathroom

Tab top curtains give you the ability to really make a statement in just about any room. With the multitude of panel colors available and the wide range of accessories that can be utilized, they'll add a bit flair that most won't think about. But what about using them in a bathroom. Follow

Restoring Old Wooden Furniture

Many people may find themselves throwing away old furniture because it no longer has the shine that it once had. However, this is very wasteful and it may mean that you are getting rid of furniture that you would really rather keep. Just remember that you do not have to throw away your wooden furnit

Clean Up Your Bathroom for Heaven's Sake

You may have heard of the phrase 'shower kit' but what exactly is a shower kit and what types of shower kits are there available on the market today? This article will describe the different types of shower kits available, show some alternatives, give some advantages of each type and hopef

How Bathroom Accessories Help Change Your Bathroom

Minimalists like to use basic designs and colors for their bathrooms. A lot of contemporary bathroom designs have minimalistic decors. A solid colored shower curtain and solid colored accessories, like the trash can, the soap dish, etc, all add to the simplicity of the room.

Girls' Bedroom Furniture

If you happen to have a daughter of your own, you know she always has a specific idea in mind of how she wants her bedroom to look. Whether she is 4 or 14 years old, she probably has a bedroom theme that she enjoys, which means you'll want to thrill her with some girl's bedroom furniture t

Wood File Cabinets For Offices

Considering the stress you feel because of endless deadlines and other office duties, an office needs warmth to make it comfortable. Putting a wood file cabinet could be the best way to bring warmth to the atmosphere of your office.

Homelegance Dining Room: Feast your eyes

Do up your Homelegance dining room according to other facts and figures such as size of room, patterns and colors used, styling, wall texture and shade, design of fixture and fittings, material used f

Shabby Chic Furniture

If you are thinking about furnishing your home, know that you have a number of choices. The sheer number of choices may actually confuse you and thus, the entire task may end up being daunting. Before

Spotlight on Infrared Saunas

The benefits of a sauna are notorious. More and more people choose to get a sauna of their own in order to be able to enjoy saunas to the max. Read the followings and see for yourself that getting a sauna can help you and your family a lot. Its a small investment with great pay offs.

Home Decor With Vintage Tub and Bath Designs

I think one massive thing that seems to be constantly overlooked when a family remodels their home is the bathtub. They may change the wallpaper or put in a newer looking bathroom set, but they never venture far away from what they know. People will tend to stick to very basic white acrylic bathtubs

Eljer Toilet Seats

Toilets - everyone uses them but for some reason, not a lot of people also want to talk about it. For instance, most households only have the plain white and boring toilet in their bathroom even though the rest of their house may look like it was lifted out of the cover of a magazine. If you are tru