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How to Remove Liquid Paper Stains

Liquid paper has been the lifesaver of many a student and office worker. Its usefulness in ridding school papers and important documents of errors has earned it a place in desk drawers nationwide. Of course, when if you are hunched over a desk tirelessly applying liquid paper to something or another

What Causes Black on Windowsills?

Black mold turns windowsills black and unsightly. The mold continues to spread on the windowsill when the conditions are just right. Leaving black mold on the windowsill can lead to potential health risks, and the mold can spread to other areas of the home. When you notice black mold on the windowsi

How to Remove Scratches From Lacquer-Painted Wood

Lacquer makes an attractive colorful finish for wooden furniture, but when it gets scratched or damaged, there's no hiding it. Once your lacquer furniture sustains scratches, you don't need to cover it with books or throws. Depending on the severity and size of the scratches, you have several option

How to Clean Leaf Marks From Cement

Falling leaves can be a peaceful sight to some and a nuisance to others, especially if you have a concrete driveway or patio. When leaves are left on concrete for a period of time, they begin to stain the concrete with organic compounds as they decay. If you find leaf stains on your concrete, you ca

How to Dye Cotton Curtains

If you want your curtains to better coordinate with your décor, there is a budget-friendly alternative to buying a whole new set of curtains. Instead, you can use your washing machine to dye your cotton curtains with an inexpensive fabric dye. If you do not have access to a washer or you are ne

Standard Water Pressure in a House

Main water pressure is controlled at the municipal or water company pumping station. It is usually set between 150 and 200 pounds per square inch (psi). This is to overcome the pressure drop between pumping stations and elevated water towers and water storage tanks in high-rise buildings. Additional

How to Remove Boil Over Stains From Crab

Boiling crabs is one of the easiest ways to prepare this food. If your pot boils over, however, you will be left with a sticky mess. The water, along with oils and spices, can make unsightly stains on your stove top and pot. Luckily you don't have to buy expensive cleaning products to remedy the sit

The Best Way to Care for Sheer Draperies

Sheer draperies provide a bit of privacy while allowing the sunlight into your home, brightening the space with ease. To keep the sheers looking their best, you must clean and care for these window treatments properly. This means using a routine that removes all buildup and loose dust without deteri

How to Clean Calphalon Stainless Steel Pots

Calphalon stainless steel pots are a high quality line that allows users to cook foods with a durable cookware option that is easy to clean and care for. The cookware itself lasts many years when you properly care for the pots, providing you with an investment that will prepare countless meals. By c

How to Fix Blinds That Won't Tilt Up or Down When Open

Blinds provide shade and privacy over exposed windows in homes and buildings. A pull cord closes and opens the blinds. After continuous use, the blinds can become damaged, preventing them from properly tilting up and down. Replace the individual problem slats to fix blinds that won't tilt up or down

Homemade Floor Cleaning Solution

Store bought floor cleaners can release fumes into the air that may cause health problems for you and your family. Luckily, making your own household cleaners is easy, economical and safe. With just several common ingredients, you can make your own cleaner to use on your floor. Instead of using clea

Home Remedies to Rid of Cat Spray

Cats spray to mark territory or in response to stress.cat image by JASON WINTER from Fotolia.comUrine spraying is a cat's way of marking territory. Unaltered male cats are famous for spraying, but female cats that haven't been spayed also may spray to let males know they are in season....

The Best Way to Clean a Jacuzzi

A jacuzzi provides a relaxing spa experience, but it also harbors germs and bacteria when not cared for properly. Many different people typically use a jacuzzi, leaving behind their dead skin cells, dirt, body oils, and any bacteria that has rinsed off of their bodies. When you then get into the jac

How to Get Gum off a Shirt

Chewing gum contains a synthetic rubber that gives gum its chewy texture. That same attribute is what makes chewing gum stick to the fibers in your shirt. While it's possible to remove chewing gum from your shirt, gum's sticky consistency makes removing it a time-consuming and unpleasant task. Chewi

The Best Vacuums for Frieze Carpets

If you have just had your new frieze carpet installed, you are interested in keeping it looking its best. You want to keep it clean, but you do not know which vacuum is best to use. After a bit of reading and research, you will be ready to make a choice.Rigid VacuumsRigid is a brand of...

How to Clean & Stop Mildew

The University of Missouri Extension describes mildew as "a thin, black, or sometimes white, growth produced by mold. Molds are simple plants belonging to the group known as fungi." Mildew thrives in moist, damp areas such as basements or bathrooms, but it can also grow under sinks or on windows. Re

How To Get The Fan on a Convection Oven Working

A convection oven is an oven that uses fans to evenly distribute the heat throughout so that you can cook items completely through without exposing one side or another to too much heat. However, if the fans stop working then the distribution of heat stops and you go back to the same problems you can

How to Clean an Antique Cherry Table

Although you should never refinish a piece of antique furniture unless it is unsalvageable otherwise, it is important to clean it. A gentle cleaning removes decades of grime and dirt and brings out the beauty of the furniture--whether it be cherry, oak, walnut or some other type of wood. In addition

How to Clean Grease Out of a Kitchen Sink

You should never dump grease down the kitchen sink. However, if you use pots and pans to fry food in, you may end up with a sink full of oil, even though you disposed of the grease properly. Grease is stubborn and can cause clogs, so while you are cleaning your sink, you should take preventative mea

How to Remove Vinyl Siding When Applying Stucco

Stucco can be applied to a home, even if you currently have vinyl siding on the exterior. Removing the vinyl siding is the first step in applying stucco to a home. Although it may seem intimidating to take down vinyl siding, it is the ideal job for any do-it-yourselfer. With the proper tools and rig