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How to Repair a Leak in a Roof Valley

Roof leaks that occur in valleys where two roof lines meet are generally caused by old and worn shingles or flashing that is no longer functioning properly. In either case you may need to replace some of the shingles in the valley area to correct the leak. You can repair a leak in a roof valley by f

How to Lay Out a Hopscotch Tile Design

The hopscotch tile design, as opposed to the game popular with children, is a particular recurring tile pattern made from tiles of two different sizes. While installing tile follows the standard procedure, the design is where you can give individuality and flair to a room. Hopscotch is a fairly stra

Proper Way to Remove Brick

You might decide to remove bricks from an area for any number of reasons -- to install a window or add newer, nondamaged bricks, for instance. Try not to ruin any existing bricks that you intend to keep -- this is tricky, but easily done if you are careful. You can even use the leftover nondamaged b

DIY Tile Patio

A tile patio can make a beautiful addition to any floor. In most cases, tile patios are built on top of existing concrete bases. Tile can give a clean, sophisticated look to any patio and is much easier to maintain than a deck. Also, by doing the job yourself, you can potentially save hundreds of do

Easy Way to Cut Stringers

Stringers are used to build stairs. They are often found on steps leading up to a deck. Stringers are cut from 2 by 12 pieces of lumber and are attached to the deck and the ground at each end of the stairs. Treads, which are also commonly known as stairs, are installed on top of the stringers. For w

Cutting Holes in the Floor for a Staircase

Cutting a hole in the floor for a staircase may happen during new construction or while renovating an older home. When converting an attic or basement to finished living space, you may decide to replace a ladder with a stairway or to enlarge an existing stairway. Either process requires cutting away

How to Mount Exterior Wall Lights

Mounting an exterior wall light is done using the same general process as mounting one indoors. The biggest difference is in the light unit itself, which must specifically be made for outdoor use -- the packaging will indicate this. Indoor lighting can rust if used outdoors and might not properly en

How to Replace a Door Mirror

Door mirrors are very convenient and make life easier in a household with only one bathroom. However, these mirrors sometimes break and fall off of the door that they are on. Replacing them may seem complicated, but it is not as complicated as you might think. Depending on the type of mirror and

How to Adjust Andersen Casement Windows

Today, the Andersen casement is a popular type of window. They have a crank-out style and open by turning a knob. Over time, if these windows are not properly installed, they may need to be slightly adjusted to avoid damage to the hardware.

Shed Project Ideas

Redesigning a shed's surroudings can rejuvenate an older structure.Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty ImagesCreating projects for your shed does not require you to build shelves or other items. Instead, updating the look to the shed creates projects. Painting, removing the floor, staining or...

How to Make a BBQ Awning

Covering a BBQ area protects the cook and guests from the harsh rays of the sun. It also allows for grilling in the rain. You can even barbecue after dark if you hang lights from the awning. BBQ awnings extend the cook out season for more than just the summer. They also need to be removable to preve

Bathroom Slate Tile Ideas

Slate is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and comes in many bathroom-decor-friendly colors.bathroom image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.comCut from metamorphic rock---stone created from sedimentary materials by tremendous heat and pressure deep in the earth's crust---slate tile is dense,...

How to Get Bugs Out of a Basement

Even in the cleanest house, bugs can gain entry into a basement -- finished or not -- and begin to take over. It may seem easiest to fumigate the entire basement with bug-killing chemicals, but it is not the healthiest way to eliminate bugs, especially for those with children, pets or respiratory is

Problems With Ducted Heating

Heating your home via heat ducts from the furnace is a wonderful thing. It provides warmth and security from the outside environment and makes your home a better place to live. Properly designed duct heating gives years of comfort with very little effort. Many systems, however, were built years ago

How to Make Simulated Wood Beams

Beams add architectural detail to a home. They can be used to emphasize a ceiling, as a post to support a horizontal beam and as headers for doors and cased openings. In some cases, a real beam would be cost-prohibitive or the building's structure may not be able to support the load. This is where a

Can You Put Insulation in a Crawlspace?

An insulated crawlspace can provide long-term energy savings. The right way to insulate your crawlspace depends on whether it is sealed or vented. If your crawlspace has vents, you will have to seal your insulation against moisture. This will ensure the longevity of your insulation and prevent moist

Bedroom Tile Ideas

Tile in home decor is ordinarily limited to the bathroom, kitchen and hallway floor, but you can use tile in unexpected areas to create truly striking looks. One of the most surprising rooms to benefit from tile application may be your bedroom. There are several ways to use it in your bedroom decor

Measuring for Carpet Installation

Measuring for a new carpet accurately is crucial if you want to avoid buying too much or too little carpet accidentally. An effective way to get the right dimensions for a new carpet is to draw a plan of the room or house and then measure the floor area with a tape measure. The measurements must be

How to Stainproof Grout

Grout is the hard, cement-like paste used to finish and seal the edges of ceramic tiles on floors, walls and counter tops. It is easy to apply and extremely durable, but also prone to staining if not properly treated. Since it is not recommended to bleach clean colored grout, it is better to prevent