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Romantic Man might do

IDEAS 1)If your partner is going away for a few days, tell her that you are worried about her so you have organized a bodyguard to look after her. Then give her a small teddy bear. 2)Buy a packet of g

First Impressions - How To Dress To Impress A Girl

Covering up yourself with an Armani makes you feel comfortable, confident, and work worthy. Getting up paired with a Monolo's shirt or a Jimmy Choo's shoes makes would make you feel hot to everyone. You look into the mirror and praise the person standing in front. Why it should not be? Aft

Discovering a Religious-Minded Date

It is stated that "godliness is a virtue," which would make a godly particular person a 'virtuous' particular person. That helps make it interesting, or produces a effective incentive to lookup for someone who would be a 'virtuous' go out with in the religious arena.

What Men Want No 28: A Friend Before A Partner

What men want is a friend in their partner. The saddest thing is when men get married to a woman who they're not even friends with. They don't have any 'friendship' connection whatso


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How to Make Any Woman to Like You - In Two Simple Steps

Some guys have problems with starting a conversation with women. They worry over what they're going to say; and agonize over every line and every sentence. They end up over-thinking it and fail to deliver every time. Here are some of the fundamentals of seduction. Note that these are simple but

I Kissed My Jessica Biel!

I am a reserved kind of guy employed in a software concern doing well for myself. I am usually working with my computers and stuff, and do not have much time in women.

Create Attraction or Rejection?

When a guy is out there talking to a woman, does he know whether he is successfully get attraction or rejection? This is a very big question for most guys. Read to find out.

What Are Some Reasons Why Men Dump Women?

There can be many varied reasons why men dump women. Some of these reasons could be for real or just an excuse to cover a real reason they left. Commitment is a big one; many men do not want too or are just not ready to commit to a serious, long term relationship.

How to Get Physical With a Woman During a Date

Whenever you are on a date with a hot woman and everything appears to be going well, what should you do to take things to the next level? How to get sexual with women seems to be a problem that nags guys the world over. Should you be straightforward and just come out with it or should you wait for h

How to Get Girlfriend to Stop Smoking

Convincing your girlfriend to stop smoking is not an easy task by any means. It is hard stand by while a loved one does something that harms her. Before attempting to intervene, research the damaging effects of nicotine as much as possible. Learn about the powerful pull of your girlfriend's nicotine

Dating Sites - Putting the Date Back in Dating

It's been a while since Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout carried their elementary college dance parties. After twenty years of talking regarding 'creating one thing that may shatter conv

5 Great Dating Tips For Women

This is not the fifties nor is it like it was when your mother was dating. In todays dating world women are just as much a part of the approach, planning, and aggressiveness as the men.