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If I Remain Positive Can I Stop Him From Divorcing Me?

recently heard from a wife who said, in part: 'my husband has filed divorce papers. I want to do every thing in power to stop it. I have two children and I refuse to allow them to grow up in a broken

Why Wear A Worn Wedding Dress?

The wedding dress is one of the most memorable and sentimental parts of weddings. In order to get exactly the dress you want, you might want to consider used wedding dresses.

Divorced and Lonely, You Are Not Alone

It is difficult to walk into a public place in the evening and sit down by yourself to order food or a drink. Is it the feeling that somehow you have failed if you have to dine alone?

Cute New Television Wedding Show

If you are reading this, you probably enjoy a wedding show on tv as much as I do. Whether you are a bride-to-be or have been married for years, there is something about watching other women plan their

How Should I Divorce My Alcoholic Husband?

Alcoholism has always caused more trouble than good to mankind. Though many people drink alcohol, only a few get themselves drunk and go beyond the limits. Limited consumption is good for the health, especially in countries affected by extreme cold. Every person should know their limits. Alcoholism


Mid-life is a time of transition. Are you feeling unsettled as your children don't need you in the same way? Your job is boring? Are you restless to be doing some meaningful? Perhaps you are ...

How Does Legal Separation Work?

Legal separation can act as a step on the road to divorce, or an alternative to it. What's the legal separation process, and will it be right for you? Learn more.

The Pros and Cons of Marital Counseling

This article provides readers with the pros and cons of marital counseling. The pros include having a neutral and experienced person offer advice, giving you an opportunity to vent and cons include counseling might make your marriage worse and some counselors have a difficult time being neutral.

My Spouse Says He Doesn't Have What It Takes To Save Our Marriage

"My husband is telling me that he is not capable of saving our marriage. My husband's big complaint - and the entire reason that he feels that we should get a divorce - is that we are opposites in terms of our personality. I am a very affectionate and touchy type of person. But he is very

Divorce Questions You Should Be Asking

When people are having difficulties with their marriage the first thing they want to do is find out about a divorce.They want to know what to expect in terms of costs, how long it takes, and what the laws are that govern a divorce.

Ideal Wedding Day Gifts

What is the ideal wedding gift? Is it a material object which will come in useful or maybe the present which seemed like a good idea from family or friends that will simply sit in the back of a cupboa