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How Do I Prime Bare Wood Windows in Preparation for Painting?

The secret to achieving a professional looking result when finishing any wood project is in the preparation. Bare wood windows need to be primed for three reasons: to protect the wood from moisture, to provide a surface to which the wood can bind and to prevent the finish or paint from being absorbe

How to Fix the Memory & Startup of Windows Vista

Windows Vista is a robust operating system, but sometimes you cannot rely on the computer to set the appropriate values for your specific situation. Sometimes a little tweaking can help to fix issues with your system memory and the startup procedure of Vista, as insufficient memory or a convoluted s

Drive Image Recovery

A drive image is a large file saved to a hard drive or DVD that contains a snapshot of all the programs and files on your hard drive partition. You use this image to restore your operating system, programs and personal documents in case of a hard drive crash. Windows has a recovery console program l

How to Update IE

Keeping your software up to date is crucial to the security of your computer. Developers release patches not only to fix functionality problems, but also to plug up security holes. You probably won't need to update Internet Explorer 8 manually, as Microsoft bundles IE fixes along with the rest

How to View the Address Bar

The address bar is the section on an Internet browser where a user can type a URL to navigate to a specific site. In Firefox and Internet Explorer, it is common for the address bar to disappear. Thankfully, it takes only a few clicks to restore the address bar and continue browsing the Internet.

Windows Mobile C Compiler Options

Windows Mobile (also known as Windows CE) does not have a C-compiler, instead programmers write C code and compile it with Microsoft's C-compiler. The compiled program objects are then linked into executables as part of that process. The use of the compiler and linker is standard practice...

How Remove Cookies in Firefox 3.6

Web browsers, such as Firefox version 3.6, store website data by default whenever you visit a page. This stored data helps Firefox access the website faster on subsequent visits. The stored information, however, can potentially breach your privacy because it can leave a trail of your visited website

How to Install a New Internal Hard Drive for Windows XP

As technology advances, computer users increasingly find themselves running low on hard drive space because of how much media they download or are generating. If you are running Windows XP and need to add a new internal hard drive, don't worry. The process isn't complicated, and your computer is lik

How to Change the Default Search Settings in Windows 7

The search function within the Windows 7 operating system is like a virtual bloodhound. It will track down files and folders based on search parameters that you type into the box. It can be a huge advantage when searching for a specific file on an overloaded system. And like any good bloodhound, the

How to Restore the Group Policy to Default in Windows XP Pro

Windows XP contains hundreds of settings that you can use to tweak every aspect of the system, from the type of menu that is displayed when you use the search function to the icons displayed on the Start menu. In Windows XP Home, everything that cannot be changed through the user interface must be c

How Do I Enlarge an Image Without Losing Resolution?

To enlarge images without losing resolution, a higher-end graphics-editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop, is required. Using the Adobe Photoshop program, the image is opened in the application and saved as a native Photoshop (PSD) file. As a PSD file, the image may be sized and manipulated withou

How to Install Windows XP on a Dell Dimension 5150 Mirror Array

The Dell Dimension 5150 is a desktop computer which ships with the Windows XP operating system. Reinstalling Windows XP to your mirror array RAID configuration is necessary when the system files have become damaged or corrupted through viruses or other system errors. Accomplish this by reinstalling

How to Run the SQL Navigator From the Command Line

SQL Navigator is a program that lets you connect to and control a SQL server. With the SQL Navigator, you can update, add to and delete tables from the database. Running the SQL Navigator software requires that you open a command prompt and execute the Navigator from this prompt.

How to Access a Product Key in Registry Edit

The product key for your Windows XP operating system is one of the most important features of the OS. This key disables the time constraint imposed when the OS is first installed on the computer. Without it, the user would be locked out of the computer 30 days after the installation. If that happens

How to Set Windows XP for Use With Windows XP Home Edition

Configuring your computer to utilize the Windows XP Home edition requires that you install it over your existing operating system. The installation procedure typically takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the speed of your computer. Remember that the information on the drive to which you install Win

How to Install Windows XP Method Service Programs

Windows XP's method services are programs that are installed as part of the operating system (OS) to perform specific tasks, such as managing network functions or allowing for remote connections to take place. While many method services come preinstalled and active as part of the OS, you must manual

How to Code in Uppercase in VB.Net

The "Ucase" function provides VB.NET programmers with the ability to code uppercase content for a Web or desktop application. The "Ucase" function is included with the VB.NET programming language, so you do not need to install any third-party add-ons. You can place the Ucase function in any section

Windows Vista Wireless-Service Troubleshooting

Microsoft Windows Vista gives you a range of options to troubleshoot its wireless service. You will need to troubleshoot your wireless connection when either your Internet connection is down or it is extremely slow. There are several possible causes for connection issues in Vista. While some may ori

How to Open a Source Tape Backup

Once set up, a tape drive can be used to back up your important files and folders. A tape drive is a storage device that uses magnetic cassette tapes to store data. The tape drive can be connected to a computer via several different interfaces such as FireWire, USB and SCSI. You can access your file

How to Order DIY Custom Windows

When it comes to replacement windows that you will install yourself, you may have to go custom. Custom windows can be quite affordable, come in a variety of styles and options, and can be made for your specific custom window measurements. New custom windows are usually much more efficient than the o