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How Do I Change the Default Download Destination in Vista?

The computer storage system is similar to a file cabinet. If you misfile an electronic document, you will be stuck searching folders trying to locate it. When it comes to file organization, consistency is the key. Microsoft Vista sets a default folder for all downloaded files. This folder is located

How Can I Use More Than One Computer for My iPod Music?

ITunes software creates libraries of music on the computer and uses those libraries to load tunes onto the iPod and other Apple devices for portable listening. If you have more than one computer with iTunes music loaded onto it, you can share music between the computers easily. Both computers must u

Computer Spyware Infection and Repair

In this article I will talk about computer spyware and malware and how computers are attacked by these malicious threats. I will also explain how they attack computers and how to stop them. Computer virus ...

How to Turn an HP Mini Into a MacBook

The trend of computer manufacturers releasing smaller laptops (netbooks), has brought increased interested in running Mac OS X on PC hardware -- to make what some computer people call a "hackintosh." The netbooks and Mac OS X seem to fit better than any other previous preconfigured PC hardware. In o

The Role of Converged Networks in Communication

Converged networks are capable of transporting data, voice, Internet and video traffic on a single network, rather than individual dedicated networks. Convergence reduces network complexity and cost, and provides a basis for building unified communication solutions and multimedia applications. The I

Crystal Oscillator Module Mechanical Stress Testing

A Crystal Oscillator Module is a self contained Crystal Controlled Oscillator, housed in a sealed metal can. It is powered by a 5V DC supply, and usually produces a TTL (Transistor-Transistor-Logic) compatable square wave output signal at a nominated frequency. Some Modules that operate at very high

The Benefits Of Digital Whiteboards

If you're looking to have business presentations that captivate clients and employees, you may want to consider investing in a digital whiteboard. These tools allow you to project computer content while still being able to ...

Document Scanners - Document Scanning - Buyers Guide

An industry expert view on the many and varied document scanners avaialable on the market and what to look for to ensure you get the right scanner at the right price for your application.

What Kind of Chip Makes a Computer Work?

The CPU is one important chip found in all computers.cpu image by aldan from Fotolia.comThough arguably the most important chip in a computer is the CPU, there are a great variety of chips in a modern computer that play an essential role in helping computers perform the tasks that are...

How to Troubleshoot Pausing in an HP LaserJet P2015

When your HP Laserjet P2015 printer pauses during a print job, you need to troubleshoot the situation to find out what is causing the delay. A number of different factors can cause a print job to pause temporarily. Determine if the problem is with the specific file you are printing or the applicatio

Panasonic Toughbook Rotation Tool FAQs

The Panasonic Toughbook laptops are made with sturdier materials for users who take their computers out of the home or office and onto job sites. The rotation tool allows users to change how they view the screen while using the computer.

How to Swap Information When Replacing a Desktop PC

Replacement of a PC entails the transfer of important personal or business data from the old PC to the new one. This transfer requires an external storage medium, such as a USB (Universal Serial Bus) external backup drive with the necessary space capacity to hold all of the data that will be transfe

Awesome Makeover Games

Playing with makeup and hairstyles can be done with a number of online makeover games.Pretty girl - Portrait image by Blue-Fox from Fotolia.comSeeing yourself with a different haircolor or haircut does not have to mean going to the salon and actually getting it done. If you've been...

How to Stop a Laptop Mouse From Auto-Clicking in Vista

The hardware name for the mouse on a laptop is commonly referred to as the "touchpad." Compared with standard mice, these pads provide a somewhat smaller space in which users can move the cursor. Users can make up touchpad shortcomings by using the auto-clicking functions. However, these functions a

Lexmark Optra S2450 Specifications

The Lexmark Optra S2450 is a monochrome laser printer. The Optra S line was first released in 1998. This work group printer was considered economical compared to other similar models. The Optra S2450 was not capable of double-sided printing. Otherwise, this model was an efficient,...

Why Would an HP Laptop Not Turn On?

Even with good care, most laptops will not last as long as a desktop computer. When an HP laptop fails to turn on, it is usually caused by at least one of five problems.

How to Move Images for a Desktop

When working with files on your computer hard drive, you have multiple options for moving files. Some actions, such as dragging the file to another folder, will not actually move the file. Instead, it makes a copy of that file. With the original and duplicate now on your hard drive, it can use up ex

How to Troubleshoot a Computer Not Recognizing a DVD

Virtually every new computer has a DVD drive of some kind included. Some computers may have Blu Ray drives or rewritable DVD drives installed, and some older computer may have just DVD player drives. As long as you have more than a CD drive installed on your computer, it should recognize a DVD disk.

Wired Versus Wireless Headphones

Considering the constant advancements in technology nowadays it is no wonder that so many consumers spend a lot of time searching and evaluating state of art electronic equipment.