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How to Stretch an Oil Painting

Buying pre-stretched canvases can be pricey, and paying someone to re-stretch a painting that has come loose or has been removed from its stretcher bars can be both a hassle and quite expensive. Many people are unaware that the same process used to stretch canvases for new paintings can also be used

How to Apply Polyurethane to Painted Wood

A clear polyurethane sealer can add a glossy finish to painted wood and protect the finish from premature wear. Unfortunately, when eager amateurs try to add polyurethane over the top of a painted finish, they frequently end up with noticeable peeling after only a few hours or days. This usually occ

How to Paint Over Powder-Coated Metal

Powder coating is different from conventional liquid paint, because it needs no solvent to prevent binders and fillers from solidifying. Applied electrostatically, powder coatings form a painted skin much thicker than ordinary liquid paints. Powder coating also tends to dry flawlessly and produces m

How to Apply Acrylic Floor Finish

You can enhance the appearance of flooring by refinishing it with an acrylic floor finish. Before you start painting, you must condition the floor. If the floor is vinyl or tile, you must abrade the surface, using friction-based techniques, or the acrylic finish will ultimately flake. If the floor i

How to Paint the Interior of a Guitar Cabinet

Painting the interior of a guitar amplifier is an unusual modification. You probably would only do it if you replaced the amp's original exterior with a different color material, causing the interior and exterior to clash. Painting the interior is inconvenient, but can be done without disconnecting

How to Paint a Room and Pick Colors for Walls and Baseboards

Painting a room is an exciting way to outwardly express how we feel inwardly about the spaces we inhabit. Unfortunately, being able to envision the paint job is one thing, while actually getting the paint on the walls is another. Painting a room and choosing colors for the walls and baseboards is ea

How to Cut Into Corners When Painting

Painting into corners can be difficult with rollers, particularly when applying two different colors to adjacent walls. For best results, use an angled chisel brush to apply paint to corners before painting the rest of the wall. Chisel brushes can paint neat, straight lines in difficult areas that r

What Happens on "Chuck Versus the Cubic Z"?

The prime-time TV series "Chuck" premiered in 2007 on NBC. Blending comedy and espionage, "Chuck" follows the misadventures of an unlikely secret agent who is a walking repository of spy data. An October 2010 episode titled "Chuck Versus the Cubic Z" featuring an action-heavy plot and some well-know

How to Draw a Real Car Step by Step

Car enthusiasts love the look of their favorite cars. Each one is unique, with separate lines and contours that define it. These are recognizable to the casual car lover, but one of the best ways to become intimately familiar with a car's defining features is to reproduce the vehicle in pencil and i

How to Draw Evil Looking Skulls

If you would like to draw scary, evil-looking skulls, all it takes is some artistic talent, creativity and practice. These are ideal for use at Halloween, or for fun if you are into heavy metal or the occult.

How to Paint Still Life Flowers

Painting still life flowers is as much about seeing as it is about painting. In order to paint a still life with flowers, the artist needs to learn how to really look at the flowers they see in front of them. Examine the shades, colors and shadows of the still life with flowers before beginning a pa

7th Rising Stars of Manga Contest

The 7th Rising Stars of Manga Competition has been announced by TOKYOPOP, so all you aspiring manga artists out there should listen up. This is definitely for you.

How to Draw Human Faces

There is a big difference between drawing a smiley face and drawing a realistic human face. The toughest part to get right is proportion. Using proportional truths, here’s how to draw a human face.