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How to Make a Macrame Cross

Macramé is the art of creating personal accessories and home décor items with fabric strands or cording and a series of decorative knots. With a pattern or your imagination, you can create long beaded plant hangers or small pendants with this technique. One simple macramé project is a

How to Make a Vertical Yarn Swift

A craft room is often a place bustling with creative ideas and materials. Unfortunately, all of this creativity can lead to a big mess. Yarn skeins may be bundled in baskets, boxes and odd cubbies. Organize your yarn by making a homemade yarn swift. You may already have the necessary supplies, or th

How to Finish the Backing on a Crocheted Baby Afghan

Small crocheted afghans make heartfelt gifts for babies. Your homemade gift will be valued for its warmth and softness as well as for its timeless beauty and your thoughtfulness. Adding a lining to a crocheted baby afghan gives the work extra thickness. The lining also covers any lace or holes in th

Ways to Tie Bows With Rawhide Shoe Laces

Tie bows in different ways.bottes 4 image by Jorge Chaves from Fotolia.comTying a bow in your shoelace can be accomplished in more than one way. When using rawhide shoelaces, it can help to work the laces first, softening them up. Work them by bending and unbending them, by rubbing the...

Make A Difference With Canvas Pictures

To make a superb canvas art print you need to make sure that the image you take is of high resolution first, reason being is if your image, photo, or image file is low resolution

How to Finish Wood With Water-Based Polyurethane Varnish

Water-based polyurethane varnish has some advantages over traditional varnish. It dries quickly and it can be cleaned up with water. Finish wood with water-based polyurethane varnish by brushing it on, letting it dry and sanding it down. Repeat this process until you get a shiny and smooth finish on

Famous Indian Contemporary ArtistNew Style Of Painting The Canvas

Indian contemporary Art introduced in 21st century is a wide-range art. In the present time the modern and figurative art form is of high demand not only in India but also in foreign countries. Modern form of painting is the outcome of the creativeness plus experimentation that the stalwarts of art

Types of Necklace Cords

To make some new bling, start with the string. Making necklaces can start with the simple and progress to the complex, but it all begins with the cord you choose and the choices are many. Selecting the best cord material for your new necklace will depend on the beads you're working with...

Homemade Spring Cards

When the weather warms and grass begins to green under the last snow of winter, you know spring is near. Celebrate the emerging season by reconnecting with family and friends with a homemade spring card. Begin by choosing a cheerful color theme to exemplify the season. Lime green, robust pinks, lemo

How to Make Sambucol

Sambucol is a commercial preparation described as an extract of the fruit of the black elderberry. It is touted to be effective against H5N1 avian flu and to have antiviral properties. The black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) is common in Europe and can be cultivated in the United States. A subspecies

How to Use Homemade Paper With Cricut

If you make your own paper you may be looking for a tool to cut it into shapes, letters and sayings. Each piece of paper you make is unique to the materials used in the production and can be added to your scrapbook pages, cards or other craft projects. Cricut, a personal cutting machine, made by Pro

How to Build a Rain Gauge?

A rain gauge is a simple tool used to measure the amount of precipitation for a given area. It is simple enough that children can make one and use it while observing nature. A rain gauge is a reservoir with measurements to determine the level of water that accumulates after it has rained. They are

How to Raise the Flag in Scouting

Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are required to learn certain basic tenants associated with the Scouting program. One of those tenants is how to properly raise the United States flag with the requisite respect. If your Scouting meetings occur during when the flag should be flying, then give each Scout the

How to Make Craft Beads

Create craft beads from things around and outside the house. Collect newspapers, magazines, homemade papers and even freshly fallen rose petals. Craft your own beads to make jewelry for yourself and gifts for friends and family. These projects call for little supplies, and no special skills are requ

DIY Novelty Bed Plans

Bedroom decor reflects who you are or your child’s interests. In addition to being a place where you lay your head down at night, a bed should make you feel comfortable and be pleasing to the eye. If you cannot find the perfect bed from a retailer, design your own novelty bed. When you create

Free Foam Crafts for Kids

Use foam to make beaded necklaces and other projects.foam fishing float image by Brett Mulcahy from Fotolia.comFoam crafts can make long days go by quickly and allow your children to be artistic and learn new skills. If you have Styrofoam, or other types of foam, from packaging that is...

How to Fix Minor Scratches on a Game Disc

CD and DVD readers use lasers to read optical media. The reader directs the laser to the surface of the disc, and penetrates the polycarbonate plastic layer until it hits the aluminum layer. The aluminum layer then reflects the laser back to be read by the reader. Most minor scratches only affect th

Step-by-Step Ways on How to Make Fake Blood

Realistic fake blood can be made quite easily with common ingredients found in any grocery store. Maybe you are are accessorizing your Halloween costume, or you need to create a realistic effect for a horror movie. Whatever the reason, you can be have your fake blood ready in a matter of minutes. Th

Different Kinds of Airbrushes

Whether airbrushing makeup, tanning fluid or paint for a craft project, you will find numerous types of airbrushes in art stores. Before you purchase airbrushing equipment, consider your budget, the area you plan to cover and the length of use. Some airbrushes offer more flexibility with controllin

How to Knit an Adult Sweater With Straight Needles

Knitting an adult sweater without circular needles can be a little more difficult due to the size and number of stitches required by adult sizes. However, an adult-sized sweater can be knit on straight needles and finished with a crochet hook or plastic needle.