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Learn to Hypnotize Someone For Fun, in 5 Easy Steps

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Hypnosis has two major forms; one is the stage performance style, where a performer "hypnotizes" people into doing silly things.
The other is the Obi Wan Kenobi, Jedi Mind trick form.
This form is much more powerful, and fairly easy to learn.
It is based on scientific theory, called neuro-linguistic programming, but it is also a bit of an interpersonal art.
I have broken it down into 5 easy steps you can apply whenever someone is a bit wound up about something.
Followed, by an example story to show you how the process of hypnotizing someone works in real life.
Step 1.
Agree with the subject
Basis: This relaxes their mind, especially if the mind was being irrational, and was ready to defend its position.
It wins trust, and in psychological terms it "validates" there emotional state.
Step 2.
Confuse them
Basis: A relaxed mind was easier to affect, now we are going to confuse it a bit, and throw the brain patterns off their normal tracks.
Step 3.
Basis: Now that we have made the mind more relaxed (step 1), and thrown it off its normal pathway (step 2), we want to redirect them, or "implant a suggestion.
" Step 4.
Repeat as necessary
Basis: People have different levels of susceptibility to hypnosis; you may need to repeat the process later at another time.
Or even "re-agree" with them and start over right now.
Susceptibility to suggestion varies by personality type, gender, fatigue levels and even social status.
Just because it didn't work the first time, doesn't mean it won't work.
Step 5.
Reap the benefits
Basis: This is a good way to influence people, whether it is working on your parents to get them to loan you the car, or convincing your boss to get him/her to allow you to telecommute.
The possibilities are endless.
Just because this seems so serous doesn't mean it can't be a blast! You can get people to do some crazy things this way.
Sample Application In order to completely understand the steps, I want to walk you through a sample problem.
Say your boss comes to you, in a panic, and tells you to drop everything and work on (insert busy work) immediately.
Fight the urge to pipe of, or moan and groan, and look them right in the eye and say, "your right this is important, I am going to hold off on all my projects until it is complete.
" You have just put your boss at ease, wait a little bit and redirect your boss.
You could say, "What if I don't finish (insert important work here) on time?" Confusion, Bingo! Then finally redirect, with something like "This (actual important work) is more pressing, I am going to do it first".
Repeat the process, until the suggestion takes.
You now have a basic action plan that will allow you to hypnotize people for fun, or profit or both.
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