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How to Replace the Starter in a Grand Caravan

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    • 1). Disconnect the battery ground cable and lay it aside, ensuring that it does not touch metal. Jack the Grand Caravan up with the floor jack and support it with jack stands.

    • 2). Remove the solenoid wiring connector from its terminal (the solenoid is on the starter). Depending on the year and model Grand Caravan, the connector could be a push-in connector, in which case you just push the plastic tabs in and pull the plug out, or it could be held on with a nut, which you remove with a socket or wrench.

    • 3). Unscrew the B+ nut on the starter motor to remove the B+ wire (the big red wire). Remove the starter bolts using the appropriate socket. Lift the starter off the transaxle housing. If there is a spacer, remove the spacer (it just pulls off).

    • 4). Hold the starter spacer in position, if there is one. Run the bolts through the starter bolt holes. Hold the starter in position and thread the bolts into the transaxle housing by hand far enough so that the starter does not fall. Tighten the starter bolts to 40 foot-pounds of torque.

    • 5). Plug in or screw on the solenoid wiring connector. Slide the B+ wire onto its terminal, then tighten the nut to 90 inch-pounds of torque. Reconnect the battery negative cable. Remove the jack stands.

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