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Three Ways to Be a Pushy Salesperson and Feel Uncomfortable When Selling

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Sales as Usual If there's one thing we can all count on, it's that poor sales skills will be consistent.
No matter the industry, age, or even experience level of the salesperson, poor selling usually follows the same patterns.
The most three common elements of poor selling include:
  1. Start pitching or presenting your case for your product right away.
    Be as convincing as possible by telling them all about the absolutely TERRIFIC, AMAZING things your product or service can do for them.
  2. Don't ask any questions about their interests, what they've already tried, how they feel about things related to what you sell.
  3. When they have a concern, do everything you can to let them know their concern is a mistaken viewpoint.
    Argue with them.
    Prove to them they're wrong.
    Make a case that counters their concern.
Sales as UNusual However, if you don't want to be pushy, you could try these approaches instead:
  1. Take a lot of time to explore your prospect's situation.
    If your prospect realizes they might be able to use what you're selling, they'll ask you to tell them about it.
  2. Find out about their situation...
    whether they have any issues related to your product, and how they see those issues.
    What have they already done to find a solution, and what would a good solution look like to them?
  3. Raise and discuss their concerns from their perspective.
    Use the Socratic method to help them find answers to their concerns, or at least to help them decide what they want to do with each concern.
The reason that poor selling skills are so consistent across all types of salespeople is that they follow a natural behavior pattern.
It's natural to want to be convincing, to be right, to promote our viewpoint.
How else do you get someone to buy into what you're selling? Alternatively, the right way to sell can feel somewhat alien at first, because it requires doing the opposite of what comes naturally...
allowing someone else to speak without interruption, even when they're mistaken.
Helping them question their own viewpoints without contradiction and come to conclusions that may not fit our own.
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