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Freshman College Student Packing Check List

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    Room Items

    • Most dorm rooms provide a bed and a desk area for each roommate, but students are responsible for bringing their own pillows and sheets. According to The College Board, it's important to check with the housing department about bed sizes because some dorm beds require extra-long sheets. They suggest bringing at least two pillows and two sets of sheets.

      Other room items freshmen need to bring from home include fans, alarm clocks, lamps, trash cans, flashlights, clothing hangers and shoe racks. Bulletin boards can also be helpful for posting reminders or information about college events. Colleges may not permit the use of nails so purchase adhesive hooks or wall tape to hang boards or posters. Cooking is normally not allowed in dorms, but students should still have a few dishes, eating utensils and cups on hand.

    Electronic Items

    • Don't expect dorms to be equipped with electronics. Students provide their own TVs, DVD players and phones. They also should remember to bring their mp3 players, stereos and cameras too. Most colleges require students to have a laptop computer, so be prepared to purchase one or rent one from the school. Extension cords, surge protectors and chargers are also good to include in the freshman check list.

      Students should check with their roommates to see what items they are bringing, especially when it comes to electronics. There's no need for two TVs in one small dorm room.

    Personal Items

    • Some of the most important items to remember when packing for college are personal and hygiene products. Body soap, face wash, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste and feminine hygiene products are just a few of the essentials. Students also need to supply their own toothbrushes, hair dryers, hair brushes and combs, towels and flip-flops for the showers. They should consider purchasing a bathrobe for the showers as well. Items like razors, dental floss, tweezers and nail clippers are easy to forget but will be needed at some point. Over-the-counter medications such as pain relievers or antacids will probably come in handy, as will first-aid kits.

    School Supplies

    • Most school supplies can be purchased at the college's student store, but freshmen who are overwhelmed with their new environment may feel more comfortable getting some items before heading off to campus. Students should consider bringing flash drives, printer paper, calculators, folders or notebooks and a planner to organize assignments and campus events.

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