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Do We Need Diet Pills?

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We all know what we eat affects the way we look and feel about ourselves.
Think of all the times you had a headache, felt stressed and generally low about yourself.
Do you eat regular meals? Or do you just pick at food all day long? Things we should be looking at, eating fruit and vegetables, eating regular meals and exercise.
Look at some of these points and ask your self, why do I feel tired all the time, depressed and overweight.
Well its time to keep a diary and you will be amazed of the bad habits you have picked up without realising it.
Keeping a diary will make you understand what is causing your headaches, the tiredness and why you can not lose weight.
Keep a dairy for a week before you make any changes and see what habits and bad food you eat that you can change.
Start to make small changes each day no matter how small the change is and see the difference by the end of the first week.
Keep a note of how you feel and the changes you have made, this is important.
This is what I did and it made me realise I was the one making myself ill,my eating habits were a mess and I could see why the weight was piling on.
So each day I made a small change and kept a record so I keep looking back on different days and habits.
No more diet pills we do not need them.
I do believe diet pills will not solve the issues as most people will put the weight back on within three months so avoid them if you can.
If you must use any diet pills make sure it is only part of your programme and that they are only the natural ones as some diet pills can be dangerous.
I did things gradually and the difference in my health and well being was quite dramatic.
I needed to know why I felt tired and run down all the time and found out why.
This is not a quick fix solution, this has to be a life changing habit otherwise you will put the weight back on.
I realised my headaches was down to drinking too much tea, my weight issues were down to poor diet and lack of exercise.
The reason I know how important food is, because when I had a good day of fruit,vegetables and healthy eating I felt great and had lots of energy but as soon as I had a day of junk food, I was a sleep in the afternoon and felt depressed.
What we eat and drink is a major factor and does determine how we feel about ourselves.
So keeping a diary is the best way forward in changing the bad habits we do for good.
I have kept my weight off now and do a lot of walking as my part of my exercise routine and this has made a real difference in how I and feel.
I still have my treat days but motivation is very important so set yourself a goal and when you start to see results you become more determined like I did.
The reason I still keep a diary is so that I can determine when i get a bad headache, what triggered it,or if I just feel lousy I see what I have eaten and then change my eating habits the next day.
This is the best way for weight loss and not pills.
Try this and see the real difference in your health and well being, it will cost you nothing to make these changes and you will start to feel good about yourself.
So go and buy a cheap diary and start to change the way you feel.
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