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Labor Agreements And Improved Productivity Allows For Competitive Hiring Tactics

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Your company is hiring again.
The best case scenario you can have is to tell your recruiter that you are the only company in your region and industry on a hiring spree as expert workers are lined outside the door.
Watch your recruiter do a happy dance as they can be more selective when they pick and choose the most capable employees to fill job positions.
Yet this isn't the scenario that's happening in the auto industry.
According to NY Times, the three largest automakers in the country will soon be competing with each other during the hiring process.
Ford is adding 450 jobs to an engine plant in Ohio, hiring 1,200 workers for the vehicle production plant they are moving from Mexico to Michigan, and hiring 2,200 white collar workers during its $200 million investment to revitalize its auto making production.
Chrysler plans to hire third-shift workers for its Jeep plant in Detroit.
In addition, GM will be placing $600 million into its assembly plants in Kansas.
Changing Times Call For Changing Hiring Tactics We can honestly say that no one expected such a comeback to occur after the massive government bailouts and bankruptcies these automakers went through several years back.
But like that old dog who still has a bit of spunk left to chase after the rattling car bumper, the three automakers did not curl into little balls and give up in defeat.
Instead, they were able to tough it out and run on all cylinders to streamline their production processes that are now more in line with today's technological advances.
After cutting labor costs to help them through the rough patch, the automakers are now ready to hire more employees as they see raising sales in all their showrooms.
With help from two-tier wage concessions through labor unions, they can get the experienced labor they need to expand and grow.
Yet the automakers shouldn't just focus on the production part of the auto industry to save on costs.
Every aspect of their business needs to be looked at and addressed, especially the hiring process in light with the influx of resumes and interviews recruiters will now be undertaking.
Each automaker will be competing with the other to hire the best talented workers.
They can't rely on old methods if they wish to gain an edge against their competitors.
By adopting more technological processes, such as an applicant Tracking System, these companies have a better chance in luring qualified workers to their doorsteps.
Introducing software applications that allow them to develop online recruiting methods, parse uploaded resumes and documents, and keep track of interviews and the best eligible candidates, the three automakers can make their HR departments more efficient and effective like the rest of their companies.
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