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The History of Ford Small Block Engines

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    • Ford introduced the Windsor small block (so called because it was originally produced in Windsor, Ontario) in 1962 as a successor to its somewhat antiquated Y-block design. The first Windsor displaced 221 cubic inches, and was available only in the Ford Fairlane and Mercury Meteor.


    • The Windsor was available in several different displacements over the course of its production run. These included 221ci, 255ci, 260ci, 289ci, 302ci (later called the 5.0L) and 351ci. Stock power levels ranged from 145 horsepower (the original 221ci) to over 470 horsepower for race tuned Boss 302s, which used "canted valve" cylinder heads designed for the larger Cleveland series engine.


    • Ford put the Windsor motor out to pasture in 2002 in favor of its younger "modular" sibling. Sort of. Although Windsor motors are no longer available in any Ford-badged vehicle, they're still available from Ford as complete "crate" engines. Additionally, niche-market vehicle producers like Shelby, Factory Five Racing, Superformance and TVR still offer cars utilizing fully warrantied Windsor engines.

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