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4 More Reasons Why You Should Learn Italian As a Foreign Language

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You probably already know the main reasons why you should learn Italian.
Whether it's because you're going there, you have an Italian partner or you need it for your job, whilst there all valid reasons here are 4 more reasons you may never have thought of.
Firstly, learning the beautiful language of Italian will let you appreciate more plays, musicals or movies that were written by Italian writers.
Even if you've heard English translated versions the experience just won't be the same as hearing it in the original language.
Ever wanted to buy a house and settle in Italy.
Then learning Italian or anywhere else in Europe that speaks the language will allow it be easier for you to get to know and blend in with the people.
When learning a language it will make you better understand their culture and the way they live.
This will allow you to better appreciate not just their culture and way of life but also help you appreciate yourself, shape your identity and realize what a wonderful skill you have.
Ever wanted to have Italian friends, or do you have Italian family that just can't speak English.
Speaking Italian will allow you to make life long friends or converse with family, even if they happen to live across the other side of the world.
So, why learn Italian? Well not only will you be able to speak another language, but you'll also have a better understanding of a different type of culture full of wonderful people, food and traditions.
Many of which have also influenced our very own English habit and way of life.
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