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Should I Replace My Windshield Wiper With a Blade or Refill?

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    Wiper Refills Can Save You Money

    • When your wiper blades begin streaking and chattering across your windshield, it is time to look into replacement options. As with anything, cost is one factor in the decision. According to AutoMedia, wiper blade refills are the most economical solution. At popular auto parts stores, they sometimes cost half as much as entirely new blades. With refill inserts, you reuse the existing metal blade structure on your current wipers and replace only the rubber portion that contacts the window.

    New Wiper Blades Can Increase Performance

    • While you can save money by opting to replace just the refill portion of the blade, replacing the entire blade often isn't much more expensive and can offer a significant increase in performance. Aftermarket wiper manufactures offer a host of technologies that refills do not, such as frameless designs that reduce snow and ice buildup or those that offer more than a single rubber blade. According to Consumer Reports, you can even find certain blade replacements that have been proved to last longer than original manufacturer blades.

    Bottom Line

    • If cost is absolutely paramount to your decision, refills have the potential to save you money. If you value performance over additional cost, replacing the entire blade with a high-performance aftermarket model offers a host of improvements over plain original manufacturer refills.

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