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WordPress: The Best World To Express Your Way

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Welcome to the world of WordPress.
Yes, when we talk of blogs, it is so very true that you need to have a perfect set up of your space where you can do complete justice to your thoughts and writings.
So, here in this article, we will be dealing with some fair discussion on self-hosted WordPress.
Let us go for the read.
A short note on the platform: It is actually a publishing platform that enables any user to use it in a much easier way and publish various posts in the online world.
It is a great thing that this platform powers many websites.
Basically it can be categorized in to two forms.
One is the fully hosted form called wordpress.
com and the other one is a self hosted form called wordpress.
Basic features: Host your own website yourself, by finding a host and performing backups and going for the proper maintenance of your own.
Take the help of CSS and PHP to install your own themes and use them.
You can also install a plugin so as to share functionality on your site.
You get support forums for any kind of assistance.
Advantages of wordpress.
org: It has many advantages.
Let us have a list on some of them You have full control on your code You can easily implement your own theme.
Adding of any plugin and hacking the code is really very easy here And many more.
How to set up/host a self-hosted WordPress: The hosting and setup of wordpress.
org is really a fun and quite rewarding.
However a good technical knowledge is highly required to go for this amazing set up.
Here are some steps to make you very much clear about the launching.
Gather your resources like the domain name.
Set up a hosting account Go for an installation of WordPress software.
Load your new blog which you want to set up with the self hosted form of WordPress.
Write your first post with highest point of satisfaction.
Go for a bookmarking of your blog and come back to your blog on this new self hosted platform on a daily basis.
Now do install your theme.
It is always recommended to go for some good premium themes rather than preferring free ones.
Now follow the steps and enjoy a great exciting platform to showcase your thoughts, your write ups and your expressions.
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