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How to Install an Automatic Car Starter

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    • 1). Start the car and make sure that all lights and other electrical devices are working properly.

    • 2). Read the instructions in the manufacturer's manual carefully. Study all diagrams and make sure you have all necessary parts.

    • 3). Check that all the items needed for the installation are at hand and in good working order.

    • 4). Shut off the engine and disconnect the battery. Never start working on any electrical item on a car while the battery is connected.

    • 5). Remove the panel beneath the steering wheel. This is normally a straightforward task involving Phillips screws. If you have problems doing this refer to the manufacturer's handbook for the make and model of your vehicle. All the wires needed to install the starter are located in the steering column beneath the wheel.

    • 6). Using the manufacturer's handbook and the automatic starter instructions, connect the wires in the car to the wires in the starter. These will be color coded. If there are no connections on the wires then they will need to be soldered in place. The starter will be installed in the steering column near the ignition. If there are more than two wires involved use connectors rather than direct wiring.

    • 7). Reconnect the battery and try the starter.

    • 8). Refit the steering wheel panel once the starter is working.

    • 9). Refit the panel into the steering column once the starter is working.

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