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First Date TipsFor Men

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First of all, I want to make this clear.
I believe completely against a man being a "nice guy" and these tips for first dates reflect that.
If you're one of those guys who don't get it yet, and think that smothering a woman with compliments, flowers, and gifts is a great way to persuade her to like you, then you have a lot more to read than tips for first dates.
While you might disagree with my tips for first dates, I have consistent success with women and these tips for first dates are simply statements of my experiences on what has worked for me.
Contrary to popular opinion, I'm a strong opposer of taking your woman out to dinner on the first date.
Here's why; Let's face it.
It's pretty boring.
Maybe as a compliment to a fun evening it's okay, but really.
This is the first date here.
For the absolute first time you meet this woman, you want to keep it brief and keep it casual.
"That's not what all my other guy friends do...
" you might say.
Good! You want to be different.
I highly recommend making the first date a simple 20 minute meeting at the coffee shop.
I believe this is a good idea for several reasons: 1.
It communicates that you're not obsessed with her already.
It implies that you're busy and can't afford to spend an entire evening with someone you've just met.
It's like a mini-dinner without the commitment of a couple hours should she turn out to be a psycho.
It helps make her more comfortable and enthusiastic about the date idea because if you're a psycho she can escape soon.
When you're there, just go into your usual routine of making her laugh (not in a dorky manner, in a confident manner) and magnetize her to yourself via stimulating conversation.
If you don't have this part worked out, I recommend checking out some of my other articles on this subject.
Out of all my tips for first dates, the vital one is this: Whatever you do, please don't cling dude.
If this girl turns out to be awesome, don't turn into a dumb ass the first sign she likes you.
It's harder than it sounds.
I've messed up a lot of potential women because I bit the bait too early.
The harder you make yourself to get, the harder she'll try to get you.
Trust me on this.
Once the 20 minutes are up, you've finished your drink and are wrapping up the conversation, be the one to initiate departure.
Like I said, don't cling.
Don't sit around and take up as much of her time as you can.
Tell her you've gotta get going.
If she's really into you...
this'll mess her up.
You're going to have a woman who won't leave you alone.
She'll want to know why you aren't clinging onto her like all the other guys.
Hey, if this went well, then you can plan the second date a couple of days later.
If not, you've only lost 20 minutes of your time and five bucks instead of an entire evening and $50-100 (or more).
If you're after more tips for first dates, check out some of my other resources.
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