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Common Electric Shock Injuries

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When many people here the word "burn," they automatically think of fire or heat.
However, another deadly source of burns is electricity.
In addition to severe burns, exposure to electricity can shock you and leave you with broken bones and other internal injuries.
While most electric shocks do not require medical attention, they can also be fatal.
You may not realize that you have probably experienced a number of electric shocks during your lifetime.
While we typically do not think of those little shocks from static as electrical shock, it is actually a very minor type of electrical transfer.
These instances cause hardly any pain at all, but they can be dangerous at the gas pump.
If you come into contact with a poorly insulated electric device or wire that carries electricity, it can cause much more severe injuries.
You should always avoid bare wires or those that are not well-covered.
Glass, plastics, and rubber materials are typically used as insulators to help protect you from electric shock, while water, most metals, salt water, and even some charged gases act as conductors and can amplify shock.
If you happen to touch an exposed electrical wire, the extent of your injuries will depend on the power of the current flowing through the wire as well as the amount of time that you are exposed to the electricity.
Of course, longer durations and higher amounts of power are more dangerous.
Keep in mind, though, that you can also come into contact with powerful electricity during lightening storms.
Should you come into contact with high voltages of electricity, you can be left with severe burns where the charge entered and exited your body.
Additionally, if the current is strong enough, it can send you into muscle contractions similar to seizures.
These muscle contractions can cause different problems depending on where the current hits you.
For example, if the electricity enters through your head, it can cause seizures, respiratory arrest, and paralysis.
If it hits you in the chest, it can cause arrhythmia and direct damage to your heart.
Electric shock can be especially dangerous for people with pacemakers, as it can interfere with your device.
When you suffer from muscle contractions, they can be so strong that they cause internal damage.
For instance, your thrashing can bruise your internal organs.
Additionally, you may suffer from broken bones due to the spasms.
Although it is always a good idea to avoid exposed electrical wires, you cannot always predict when an electric appliance will fail, resulting in electric shock.
If you have suffered from electric shock due to a product defect, you should contact a product liability lawyer about your options.
For more information, check out the product liability attorneys from Habush Habush & Rottier, S.
, today.
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