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How to Make Your Email Campaigns Tick

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If you have tried email marketing and have found no good results, don't get disheartened.
Don't dismiss it immediately thinking that email marketing does not work.
It does work wonders, if done properly.
For your campaign success, check if the following are intact before you roll out your next email campaigns: Is your email list healthy? In the email marketing arena, 40 percent of the campaign's response is attributed to the email list.
Before you execute a campaign, ensure that all the records in your list are active, targeted, permission based and up-to-date.
Those who overlook this vital aspect of email marketing hardly reap good results.
So, spend considerable time and budget on your list management.
Are your offers of true value to your subscribers? The second 40 percent of the email campaign's response is ascribed to the campaign offer.
Don't just push what you want to sell that season through the campaign.
Ensure that you give your subscribers what is relevant and valuable.
By doing so, you can get astounding response, referrals and more subscribers.
How much are you spending on your creative? 20 percent of any email campaign's response is assigned to the creative.
Spending less or more than 20 percent of your resources on your creative will not generate the expected ROI.
Don't treat email the same as the print channel.
Remember, the focus of your email campaign not to impress people with your creative.
What is the frequency of your email campaigns? Be it the television media or email media, reach and repetition are what get results.
You can not expect gold out of just a couple of campaigns.
Repeat, Repeat and Repeat your campaigns, it doesn't cost much, but it surely pays.
Strike a proper balance and schedule your campaigns wisely.
Bottom line: Allot the right attention to your list, offer, creative and frequency of your email marketing campaigns.
With out a doubt, you can turn non performing campaigns into ticking campaigns.
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