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Keys to Selling Success - 3 Simple Ideas to Increase Your Sales

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If you're in sales of any kind, then you probably find yourself involved in a progressive search for simple ideas to increase your sales.
For many salespeople, "increasing sales" involves becoming more aggressive, often resulting in an unfortunately oppressive experience for the customer.
Ironically, when a customer feels pressured, he or she will usually decide not to shop with the oppressive party.
So how might one positively influence their customer or prospect without overwhelming them? These three simple ideas to increase your sales are non-intrusive and guaranteed to create favorable interactions once genuinely implemented.
) Be Passionate
The passionate individual has a way of creating a gravitational vortex of positive excitement which is usually successful in drawing in his or her audience in a way that feels good.
Passion wins out over pressure every time.
If you're passionate about your product and passionate about providing quality service for your customer or prospect, you won't need to do any convincing or begging.
In every case, your excitement will speak for itself.
) Be Knowledgeable
Take the time to get to know your products.
This is another key that, if implemented, will absolutely widen the gap between you and your competition.
More importantly, the knowledgeable individual is always more capable of offering quality service, and customers notice this.
The more familiar you are with your products, the easier it will be to recommend those products as solutions to your customer's needs and most customers will appreciate the professionalism of an informative interaction.
) Be Attentive
Get to know your customer, ask for their name, then retain it and use it casually, genuinely, like a friend.
Listen to your customer.
Really hear their needs, and then address those needs.
When you truly implement these simple ideas to increase your sales, you subtly attach value to the customer by showing them that they're worth your time and attention.
Like each of our other two keys, the customer will notice and appreciate the quality of service that you offer them.
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