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Bolster Pillow Instructions

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    • 1). Measure the length of the bolster pillow form, and its circumference. Add 10 inches to the measurement of the length, and two inches to the measurement of the circumference. These are the dimensions of the size of fabric to be cut for the bolster pillow cover. For instance, if the length is 20 inches, and the circumference is 8 inches, the dimensions of the fabric piece needed for the cover are 30 inches by 10 inches. Cut a piece of fabric equal to this measurement.

    • 2). Hem the two shorter ends of the piece of fabric by folding the edges of the fabric under by a 1/2 inch, then folding under again another 1/2 inch, so that the raw (cut) edge is completely enclosed. Using a straight or a decorative stitch, sewing the stitch 5/8 inch from the outer edge. Sew on lace or trim if desired.

    • 3). Sew the long edge of the bolster pillow cover by folding it in half lengthwise, and stitching down the long edge, 5/8 inch from the raw edge, using a straight stitch. Secure the raw edge from fraying by then zigzag stitching along the raw edge.

    • 4). Create ties for securing the bolster pillow form inside the cover by cutting two lengths of ribbon to desired length (at least 6 inches). Hem both raw ends of the ribbon using the same method as for hemming the two short ends of the bolster pillow cover.

    • 5). Insert the bolster pillow form into the bolster pillow cover. Gather both ends of the cover, and tie them securely with the attached ribbon ties.

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