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Contemporary Designed Fireplace Tools

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    • The poker is the instrument used to stir coals or separate logs in a hot fireplace. The entire tool must be made of a durable metal which can endure intense heat. The critical juncture for joining the decorative head with the rod of the poker must be sealed with a strong solder technique if the handle is actually separate from the rod. Consider a contemporary interpretation of an ancient time-honored motif, such as the acanthus leaf. Instruct the designer or metal worker to wrap the leaves in brass around the handle from end to end. Fireplace accouterments with shining brass, copper or silver accents will not fail to increase the visual enjoyment of a hearth and its surroundings.


    • Essential for use in maintaining the cleanliness of the hearth and surrounding stones or tiles is the brush. Order the brush part of the tool to be made of natural heavy boar bristles. Instruct the metal worker to fabricate three brush heads. Bristles are the first part of the fireplace brush to deteriorate. Ordering two replacement heads will increase the longevity of the fireplace tools as a set. A contemporary motif of a celestial constellation running the entire length of the handle in a silver accent is ideal.


    • The tongs are used to move small logs once they are aflame. Whereas the poker has a single handle, the tongs operate like a pair of scissors. Begin the motif at the cross point of the tongs. For example, run a band of flat brass up from both tong handles. Order the accenting metal engraved with the names of the owner or the words to an appropriate poem.


    • Used to blow oxygen onto the fire, the bellows ignite coals that have not yet caught the flame. A contemporary bellow may have a medallion of the earth with the logo of the owner's favorite green movement. The key to contemporary interpretation of ancient implements is knowledge of the client and their lifestyle. Then selection of a contemporary motif is only a few line drawings away.

    Tool Stand

    • The fireplace tool stand must employ the centralizing motif for the entire set. This rule must apply whether there is a single motif or multiple coordinating motifs. The contemporary tool stand may be fabricated of any heat-resistant material that is not a safety hazard.

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