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How to Make your Email Marketing Successful?

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Email Marketing is an inexpensive but highly profitable internet marketing business. Doesn't it sound too good to be true? The catch is you have to do it right and I am going to share with you some key elements in getting it right.

(1) Find your targeted market and understand them. You have to find out what your potential buyers' needs and offer them relevant information or solution they are looking for. For example, if your expertise is in stock investing, you properly understand majority of the investors are looking for tips on what stocks to invest in. They will try to search for stocks analysis website, expert forum, etc., to look for information.

(2) Create a short report by offering solution or useful information. This report will be given free to those who opt in your email list. From example, you can offer a short report on "How to Pick a Good Stock?", "How to Read a Stock Chart?", "Steps in Choosing a Value Stock", etc.

(3) Once you have your subscribers, you can start sending them valuable information in the first few emails. Get your subscribers hooked in reading your email and create an anticipation waiting for your email to arrive. Do not ask them to buy before gaining any trust from them; otherwise very soon your email will be treated as SPAM mail.

(4) After you have gained trust from your subscribers, you can start promoting your products or doing affiliate marketing by promoting other people products, by sending emails with catchy subject line. You can write a brief review on the product you are promoting and direct them to find out more by providing a website URL.

(5) After you have sent the subscribers to your website, you need to get your customers to act by asking them to buy. This is a very important step but most people feel shy about asking their customers to buy. Bear in mind that your ultimate objective is to get people to buy so that you can make money. Otherwise you have wasted all the efforts by finding your targeted market, building an email list, writing emails, directing them to your website without selling any products.

Email marketing is all about building the relationship with your readers, by providing value add information or solution to your subscribers. You will be very successful if you are able to have more than 10,000 loyal subscribers in your email list. To find out more information, visit http://www.im2financialfreedom.com
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