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Dating For Men Part 6 - Shut Up Already!

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Let me tell you a story about my friend Rob.
Rob is a good guy.
Hell, he's a great guy.
He also comes from a wealthy family.
He's a trust fund baby.
I met Rob at college.
He drove a hummer.
His dad's estate paid for it.
He also frequented the Bahamas and flew to Vegas on a private jet whenever he felt like it.
Now, you might think this guy could OBVIOUSLY get any woman he wants, right? I mean, after all, wasn't my very last entry all about how evolution dictates that women are attracted to wealthy men? The truth is, Rob has horrible luck with women.
Not just bad, like he can't talk to a woman.
He would have BETTER luck if he didn't say a word.
Because the minute he opens his mouth, in between bites of extravagant food and expensive wine, he brags.
He brags about himself and his life up one side and down the other.
And it turns the girls off.
Why? Why wouldn't these women be attracted to the fact that he has money? He can take care of them and pay for whatever their hearts desire, right?? Well, yes, technically.
But women who are only interested in this quickly get what they can out of Rob and move on.
He's not a COMPLETE idiot.
It's not like he sits there and spends thousands upon thousands of dollars on these women.
No, but he does brag.
And he brags enough to make them feel two things: 1) Inadequate.
2) Annoyed First of all, understand that a woman wants a man who she feels is "a catch".
A guy she can really feel special to be with.
But that line ends where "above me" begins.
A woman doesn't want to feel like a second class citizen when she's with her man.
She wants to feel like a queen.
Second of all, bragging is NOT ATTRACTIVE! It shows a woman that you are INSECURE.
You NEED justification to feel good about yourself.
You need someone else to be impressed by your stories and experiences to feel adequate.
A truly strong man feels confident in himself, not his experiences.
A real man does not need to brag about his luxurious lifestyle or his high-profile friends.
These things are all just another part of his life, and they do not strike him as special or different.
You want to know how to really impress a woman? Keep your best stories to yourself, and only tell them when a situation REALLY calls for them.
When something REALLY relatable reminds you of an experience you've had, then reveal it.
If your lifestyle is really fun and exciting, she'll realize that just by being with you.
And another thing, don't feel like if you DON'T have a lot of money you're not able to provide a woman with the kind of things guys like Rob can.
Sure, you'll probably never be able to take your girl on a private jet or sail across the sea on a 100-foot yacht.
So what? Do you think your girl would really want to do these things with a man who's so arrogant and boastful that he isn't even fun to be around? I hope you've found this entry insightful.
Hopefully, if you were feeling inadequate because you're no millionaire, this article put things into perspective for you.
Wishing you the best in all of your dating endeavors, Tony Derrick
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