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The Truth About 21 December 2012 and Planet Nibiru

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Many people seem to believe that the year 2012 end of the world disaster is truly going to happen.
Is this so though? And what will it bring? There are many theories that occur about this.
Many of these individuals think that a celestial body is going to destroy the earth.
This could be a so-called black hole coming too near our solar system.
Yet others believe that the so-called Planet X called Nibiru will make a return after a long orbital path around the sun.
They reckon that this Planet X will be passing so close to our own planet that its gravitational pull will cause all the damage.
An asteroid slamming into the earth is another theory.
But it is scientifically known that no asteroids have an earth bound trajectory in that time period.
An asteroid will pass "close" to the earth, but the definition of close, in this case, is about 18 times the distance from earth to the moon.
Although in astronomical terms this is close, it's not close enough to cause concern amongst astronomers and scientists.
Another theory is a massive solar flare causing a geomagnetic reversal event.
The effect that this reversal will have is changing the polarity of the earth's poles, therefore causing massive natural disasters.
Many sites have appeared on the internet offering theories, advice and info on the phenomenon that is 2012, but only one has masses of information on the subject.
The website below features reports on the truth about the various disasters that will strike earth, including a full 360 degree look at 2012.
The site offers a fascinating insight, whether you are an expert or are just finding out about this subject for the first time.
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