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How to Totally Chase Away the Man of Your Dreams & Guarantee He"ll Never Return - The Three Mistakes

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Do you find the men you've dated don't call for second dates? Do you long to develop a lasting relationship with a man? Is your dream to be his one and only true desire? Sometimes we are our own worse enemy and chase away the very thing we long for in life.
It's true that men often fear commitment, but there are some things you can do to enhance his commitment to you.
Here are some tips to help you keep Mr.
Right in your life and avoid the three mistakes that you absolutely cannot make if you don't want to chase him away.
Don't forsake your own life.
The first mistake you can make is being untrue to self.
Men love their freedom.
If they believe their freedom is being threatened by a smothering woman who has no life of her own, they will run to the hills and never look back.
They rebel anytime they feel like someone else is trying to control them.
So, you must invest in your own interests, reflect an aura of independence, and prove to him that your well-being is not dependent on his every little move.
Another one of the three mistakes you cannot make is to pressure and smother your man.
If you want to chase him away and make sure he'll never return, give this a try.
You're not his mother.
Never act like it.
Men despise being pressured into anything.
They need to feel in control.
Dictating his schedule, demanding his time and choosing his friends are all guaranteed turn offs.
Give him plenty of room to breathe, to make his own decisions, and to set the pace of your relationship.
If your man senses you are trying too hard to make the relationship work, you'll be watching the back of his pants sprinting across the high hills in no time! You may think he'd be flattered by such attention but the message he gets is that you have no life of your own.
Men are attracted to confident, independent women.
If you spend all your time trying to manage the relationship and make him happy, he'll wonder what you have to offer the partnership and sense that you empty.
Jealousy - of his friends, his family, the way he spends his free time when he's not with you, his work - will totally chase away the man of your dreams and guarantee he'll never return.
By avoiding these three mistakes, you'll be on your way to a long lasting relationship with your man.
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